“Hey maddie look at this map,” Addison called. What does it say? There’s treasure by the lake do you wan’t to go wit h me to find it? No thanks. Anyway I get my Braces on said Maddie. “Just take Jack,” said Maddie. No thanks he to noise. No afence. Bring bring. The phone rang it was the  Dentist. “Okay sure,” mom said over the phone. It was the Doctor Maddie doesn’t have to go to the doctor. Okay now we can find the treasure “ya” squealed Addison. Few hours later but were are we going to hide it all?


During my school time I decided to sneak out. As I snuck out I made a paper plane. I was throwing it and the plane went into the forest. I decided to go for the plane, but I saw a chest. I inched closer and closer. I thought, “Where would I hide it all?” I went closer and I got pulled back. I turned around and saw him. I couldn’t describe it because it was so tall. I just gazed in horror. But for some reason I was a baby again. I said, “This is the last life I have”.

The Commotion On Main Street-Corey

One foggy night, a group of gangsters was going to rob a museum. “But where would we hide it all?” they thought. We can hide it in the McDonald’s on Main Street, because nobody would ever expect it. On the night they were going to rob the museum, there was no guard on duty because it was Christmas Eve. They went into the museum and took The Hope Diamond. When they got out, all they saw was a fat man in a red coat shining a light on them. “Somebody’s going to be on the naughty list this year,” he said.

The TREES!!! – William

On a dark night, two men were hiding in the cities. One of them stopped and screamed, “We will run to the TREES!” He pulled out a huge gem. The second one whispered, “But where would we hide it ALL?” At that moment a bunch of big fat men with donuts came out of nowhere. “Run it’s the POLICE!!” The two men stole the fat polices donuts and ran. As they ran they ate the donuts. It turned out it had nuts in it ,and the second man puffed up like a ball and rolled. TO THE BIG DEEP FOREST.

The Gold Diggers-Tre

One afternoon Jake was at his job digging in a mine. He was really good at his job, the boss said the that he had the strength,potential,and the flexibility. One day it was all normal and then a new guy came. His name was Jeff. Once Jeff got in the picture everything changed. Jeff was like beating him in everything the boss had said to him. But once that happened Jake had to do something. So he stayed at the mine for 24hs,but all that hard work paid off, HE FOUND DIMOANDS. But Jake said “were should i hide it all.