The Pill – William

It was a dark day in England. In a warehouse two men in suits were standing by a little man with a bag. They were plotting an evil plan. Suddenly 2 men and a woman bust in. It was the undercover police. The men in suits pounded them to the stone floor. The next thing they knew pills were melting in their mouth. Bananas were in there pockets and they were shooting tiny bananas at them! It did nothing they looked at each other and they were ghosts! They ran outside and ran through a couple people. They lived a terrorizing afterlife.

The Ghost – Cate

One day a boy named Billy went to NYC to visit his friend. On his way there he noticed that something was watching him. He ran after it and eventually reached out to grab it. When he touched it Billy got a cool shiver. He bolted toward his friends house he told him all about it. They started to investigate. They took pictures and saw two floating people. When Billy got home he told his parents all about his day. They said that it was just a dream but it wasn’t. He went to bed and forgot all about it.

The Portal – Brogan

One day a man tried a expiremenet, but it went wrong. When he finished he realized that he messed up when he heard a pop. The portal conjured in a street instead of his workshop. One day he took a picture and it appeared people were disappearing. He chose to see what would happen if he went through. When he went through he didn’t notice anything at all. He kept noticed when he took a couple steps that something changed. He figured out that there was another portal and after the first portal one you are in a alternate dimension.

The…… – Jayden

I went to NYC one day to see the beautiful sightings. I was walking down an ally one night and then, I saw an eerie portal. After, I walked in their was ghosts. Next, thing you know there were more and more ghosts coming at me and they said “We want to eat you”.So I ran! They chased me and chased me just to say something “Take this sword and put out the portal.” I destroyed the portal and they thanked me beofore the ghosts left me. I wish I knew where they went and why. I dont like ghosts!

Ghost Town – Laila

There once was a town flooded by Ghosts said Jack. That just isn’t possible said Hayden sarcastically. I’ll prove it. The legend says that it happens every full moon. So lets go out to the full moon tonight and I will prove it. Fine so later that night Jack and Hayden and the rest of the group had Jack’s brother ride them into Town. They came to town and right as it stuck midnight Ghosts apered everywhere. I’m scared said Axel don’t beee afraid said Hayden shakey. Then the Group went back home and never spoke of there trip again.