The Flame of the Skeleton – William

It was a dark night and tomorrow was Halloween. I fell asleep. I woke up to the crackle of flames. I went down stairs to see a shiny white skeleton. Only the skeleton was encompassed by flames. It looked like it just celebrated Halloween. Muscle and skin went onto the skeleton. It was my long gone dad. He had drowned while swimming . I ran my dad chased me he was abnormally fast. He caught me and I also was encompassed in flames. All my insides were ripped out. The next thing I knew, I was looking at myself forever repeating .

The silly boy- Brogan

One day a boy named Chris had an idea to have a pool party. He had never celebrated his birthday with sports friends. He was so good that he won 30 trophies for swimming. He begged his mom consistently for it. His mom agreed and sent all the invitations. Chris was so happy. The next morning when Chris looked outside he saw white. It had snowed in July! A flame had risen inside him and he was angry. His mom came to calm down Chris and told him that it was tomorrow and it was indoors. Chris felt silly for overreacting.

There’s Never A White Christmas In Texas-Corey

We should have a white Christmas. Sitting by the flames, celebrating, and opening presents would be ideal, but instead we’re going swimming. We’re going swimming in December. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with swimming, because there’s not, but why are we swimming in December? There always has to be something wrong with living in a warm place. My parents say it’s beautiful out all of the time and I should be playing outside, but it’s too hot. Tomorrow, Christmas will be celebrated, and I will still be dreaming of a white Christmas. Santa please make it snow for Christmas!

The Contests- Jayden

Tomorrow was the swimming contest. I was flaming in anger because I forgot to practice, for the contest. My hole face was white in nervesment. Maybe, I should practice right now. After, I got to the school I ran to the doors to swim in excitment, it was locked. After, the contest, I got fifth place (aka last place). Me and my parents still celebrated my effort for the contest. We partied till bed time and I said “I will always think and make sure I practice for the next, swimming contest”. My parents still loved me after the contest.

The Mean Bullies! By: Lina El Samad!

One morning, Cassidy was taking a walk when she heard something. She heard some bullies teepeeing someone’s house! Cassidy’s face looked like a bright red flame! Then, she noticed that that was her best friend Julie’s house! Tomorrow Julie was having her birthday celebrated! Cassidy raced over to the bullies and told them to stop. They started to chase her. She wasn’t paying attention and fell into a pool. She started swimming. Then Cassidy noticed she was wearing her favorite white dress! Tomorrow she was going to wear that to Julie’s party! Cassidy lost the bullies and headed back home.