100wc – Samuel

“I have never seen the river bed so dry,” were the words my father said under his breath. “Yeah, I know,” I replied back to him. I knew this drought would be bad, like the others in Iowa’s summers, but never in my life have I seen one so bad. “Farming will be a big challenge this year. Mainly because the demand for corn is so high this year,” my father said. “What’s the big prob-“ My big brother said, but was cut off my the shock of seeing the river. “It’s gonna be a bad year,” my father said.

3 thoughts on “100wc – Samuel

  1. Hi Samuel Nathan from Ms Brennock’s class here.
    I like how you have more then two people, but could you please stop saying said a bit more.

    • Hi Luke, it’s Samuel. Corn was so in demand because it just got to the area, and everybody wanted to eat it for the taste.

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