100WC Katie

I was doing my homework when my dog started barking at me. I ignored it. Then, she did it even louder I was getting very annoyed. I thought that she had to go outside so I opened the door to let her out but she didn’t budge. I thought maybe she wanted to be taken for a walk so I took her for a walk but it wasn’t it either. I thought maybe she wants food so I got out her food and gave her it. When I went to check on her her bowl was empty. What a surprise!!

3 thoughts on “100WC Katie

  1. wow katie this is a great story it must have been really anoying for you it sounds just like my cat anyway thank you for sharing this with me .

  2. I like how your dog started barking at you and I like how it happend when you were doing your homework and I also like how you had to go outside and took her for a walk.

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