100 word challenge Oliver

It’s not like last year, he thought. Covid regulations are just getting stricter. It is harder to go out to eat or just go to stores. I wish it would stop. School is harder in a new grade, but is more fun too. I hope the new Covid rules for school go away in a very little time. It’s just not the same at lunch eating in the classroom and not being able to talk without a mask on. I wish it would change, and I hope Covid regulations stop and get better. Maybe next year, or hopefully next month. Hopefully.

One thought on “100 word challenge Oliver

  1. Hi Oliver,
    Great job on the challenge for this week! I like how you wrote about a topic that is very relatable; Covid-19. I understand how you feel about all the restrictions, and I hope this could be over soon, too. The restrictions at my school are a bit different than the ones in your story- we still eat in our cafeteria. Do you actually have to eat in your classroom at school, or was this just part of the story? Great writing!

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