100 word Challenge Mark

Once I was playing baseball and the ball got in to the neighbors backyard. The neighbor name was Nick . He was a mean person and did not like kids going into his backyard. And if only it was a bit smaller it wouldn’t have gone into Nicks backyard. Then the kids Mark and Adian went to get the ball from Nicks backyard.Then they went and Nick saw them trying to get the ball and chase them when Marks mom saw Nick chasing Mark. Then Nick just ran back to his house. after he ran Mark and Adian went inside house.

One thought on “100 word Challenge Mark

  1. Hi Mark
    You’ve described very well the situation that can happen when a ball goes into someone else’s backyard. Especially if it’s an older person who doesn’t want to be bothered by the balls and younger people coming in to retrieve them On Irish TV we have an ad that features this very thing and it’s an ad for chocolate!! . An older man is constantly throwing back balls and other objects that come over his fence. Then one day a big bar of Cadbury’s chocolate comes over the fence into his yard and the two boys next door pop up and say “you don’t need to throw that back” and the older man just smiles. Your story reminded me of this ad which I love. Well done.
    Máire O’Keeffe (team 100wc)
    Galway, Ireland

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