100 word challenge -Khloey

Some big factories can pollute the air.In 1880 global tempetures started increasing steadily, until 1940.In 1940 things started getting seriously bad.I don’t like how some people just don’t care about the environment and will just not try to help.Though I know it’s the only way to make certain things.I wish they would make factories more eco friendly.I also wish there was not as much smog in the air.I am hoping that by 2050 they will find a way to reduce how much smog and pollution would be in the air.Honestly it wont be that easy, but we’ll find a way to fix it!

One thought on “100 word challenge -Khloey

  1. Hi Kholey,
    I like your story this week. I agree with you that people just don’t care. Good story.
    St. Molaga’s
    Rep. of Ireland

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