100 Word Challenge- Khloey

“LET’S GO PLAY SOCCER, COME ON!” Avery screamed from down stairs “Ok, I’m coming!” Ella said while walking downstairs. After walking to the scoccer field Avery tought Ella the basics on how to play soccer because Ella plays Vollyball. After a while of teaching, Avery came up with an idea. Avery went to one side of the feild while Ella went to the other, Avery kicked the ball as hard to get it to Ella, and Ella hit it as hard as she could, and it whent through a window. “I didn’t mean to hit it that hard” Ella said.

One thought on “100 Word Challenge- Khloey

  1. I really like the way you lead up to the prompt in your story Khloey. You set the scene very well indeed. I can just imagine the soccer lesson and it all ending badly! I like the way you use conversation in your story and I can just hear Avery shouting to Ella at the start of the story because you have used capital letters.

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