100 Word Challenge By Mark

Adian was the head baker at The Bread Bakery. He loved to bake bread. He was at work,  when the phone rang. A Customer was calling to order some bread. He wrote down the order and started pulling out ingredients. While the bread was baking, he pulled out honey and the marmite for the bread. Later that afternoon the customer came in to get the bread. Adian then asked if they would like marmite or honey. The customer couldn’t make up their mind. He then asked Adian for his choice. “Do you like honey?” “No” he said,” I like Marmite.”

One thought on “100 Word Challenge By Mark

  1. “I like Marmite” is not a phrase that is easily worked into a story but you have found a way, although personally I think I’d be going for some raspberry jam. As the baker and the bakery were both given names I was curious why the customer wasn’t? Maybe you are saving it for later in the story?

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