100 wc/ Senee

Hi I am Paul and I live in a big, WHITE, CASTLE.  I love where I am and where I live. My family loves me and I love them. My sister is like a CRAFTY kid she loves to jump in piles of LEAVES. Well would you look at that my sister is ROLLING down the big hill into piles of leaves. “ May I offer you your favorite food?” the butler says. “Yes please.” I say. “Ok it will be ready in a minute.” The butler said” “I hope I get paid for doing my job.” The butler said quietly.

One thought on “100 wc/ Senee

  1. Hi Senee I think your story was great and i would love to see what the white castle would look like in real life. I like the name of your character and your description of the family members
    – Jaxon

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