100 wc Julian

It was time for Brian to go back to school and he really did not like that. He got ready in the morning and his mom did to. They both got in the car and drove to school. When they got to his school his mom kissed his cheek and said have a good first day back. He got to his locker put his stuff away and went to his classroom and to his surprise almost half his friends from last year where in the same class. But he looked at the agenda. “It’s not like last year,” he thought.

One thought on “100 wc Julian

  1. I like how you have identified how many things about school remain the same but then show that the learning is different. Of course, it would need to be or you would not learn anything new the next year. It’s interesting, though, isn’t it how things can seem so bad but then when you experience them you wonder why you thought they would be so bad. Well done on your reflection and writing.

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