100 W/C – Cameron

One day I was on a trip with a friend named Garry. He wanted to go do a lot of things in one day. So first we went to go get food at a restaurant. I ordered the fish fillet and I got a big big fillet and if only it was a bit smaller. Next we went to the movies and go carts right after that. He wanted to stay up all night doing things. But I said,” No I need to go home and do my home work.” Than he understood so he took me home.


2 thoughts on “100 W/C – Cameron

  1. Hello Cameron, I’m glad you got to go home and do your homework. Garry certainly kept you busy doing fun things and maybe eating too much (the big fish). I think it was good how you were able to show you can still make sensible choices even when there is a temptation to do something else. Well done.

  2. Hi Cameron
    I liked your story and that you had a fun trip with your friend.
    I liked the way you used the prompt for this week.
    Do you like fish because I don’t like fish?
    From Luke

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