The Dream – Brogan

Once I had a dream that my friend Jayden and I went to the zoo. We were looking at tigers when an alarm went off. The alarm meant a animal escaped. A guerrilla had escaped, and he some how managed to let a tiger, monkey and another ape out. We ran to the indoor part of the zoo, but the animals were already in the building. We ran for the nearest exit. When we got to the door we found out that the tiger was blocking our escape, and it came toward us and at that second I woke up.

The Zoo-Jayden

I was working at the zoo. My job was to take care of the tigers. I went down to feed the tigers their meet and, when I tried to escape the tigers were blocking me from escaping. I needed to get out all four of the tigers were blocking me from escaping. My friend Brogan threw down some ropes for me to climb out of the tiger pit. I got out and they were scraping and clawing at the rope to make me fall. I wondered when I got out where they still hungry? I gave them some more food!

Judgement Day – William

The predictions were right ,and that meant the sky was rainbow colored. Tigers with sunglasses on rained down from the clouds. Me and my friends ran away from the window. A gigantic tiger kicked the door open ,so we ran to the back door …. the tiger was blocking our escape. I broke open the emergency fire extinguishers and smashed it into the tigers head. We went out into the illuminating outside. We took a last look at our demolished home town. Running to the forest while the tigers chased us. I took a last look at the tigers. “See Ya!”

Bermuda Rainforest By Omer

There once was an explorer named John Wells. He went to all places on Earth except for The Bermuda Triangle. So one day he decided to go there. Now he wasn’t going anywhere he was going to the Bermuda Rainforest. Now the Bermuda Rainforest is not an ordinary Forest no it is far from it. So when he got there he was greeted with a huge tiger and the tiger was blocking his escape and when I say escape I mean entrance it was as if the tiger was a test to see if John was worthy of entrance. Bye

The Scary Day at the Zoo! By: Lina El Samad!

One day, me and my friend Sarah were working at a zoo, and there was this tiger. Her name was Empress. Empress was usually the main reason why people came to the zoo. But one day, me and Sarah were cleaning her cage, and I realized I had forgotten the keys to her cage in my car. So, when we tried to exit the cage to get them, the tiger was blocking our escape! We called for help, and the manager shooed off the tiger, and we were set free. I retrieved the keys, and locked Empress in her cage.