The Creepy Encounter! By: Lina!

One August morning, I was riding my bike around the block with my friend. We were moving very fast, when we heard a strange noise. It was coming from the woods. Neither me nor my friend wanted to go and check out what it was. We were both so afraid. We decided that we would both go together. When we went into the woods, we saw the weirdest creature! It was big, scary, and it’s teeth were awfully huge and sharp. Me and my friend ran back to my house, and never spoke of our encounter to anyone ever again.

Running Away- Jayden

My friend Corey, was telling me a story about a man. His name was Jeffrey. Jeffrey was a ghost who haunts peoples’ houses who were mean and bullied Jeffrey. All Jeffrey wanted was to bullie them back but, his mom held him back. We just noticed it was 9:37 P.M. so we tried to go to bed but, the Jeffrey story kept haunted us. We looked around the room for ghosts but saw none. We heard someone walking up the stairs and cringed back into our sleeping bags. We noticed it was just mom. We promised never to tell stories again.

The crash-Laila

When Alexis and I we’re biking home from school. I told Alexis to slow down because she was going to hit something. Then I started to peddle faster and faster until I caught up to her. Then she said, “let’s have a race however gets home first is the winner.” “Okay,” I said and we were off. We were moving very fast when Alexis almost hit a pole. I told her to stop before she hit the pole. Then Alexis said, “are we still going to race.” “No,”I said then we started laughing. Then we made it home. The End.

The Light- Kai

I was walking down my sidewalk, when i heard a shoeshine noise getting louder and louder. I saw something wiz by my face. It sounded like a plane it was so loud. I raced after it, but in two seconds I couldn’t see it anymore. When it wized by there was a blinding light in my eyes. It kept happening, over and over again. My eyes getting blinded again and again. Then I realized that it was a lightbulb flying really fast. The light bulb came around and to a stop right in front of my face. It said “ Hi.”

The Road Trip – Brogan

One day my family went on a road trip to Florida. We had been driving for almost three hours when my dad said, “lets take this detour up here.” When we turned all we saw was a drop. Then a bunch of cars were driving on the other road, so we couldn’t turn around. We were all scared, but we agreed to go down the hill. At first it was fine, but then as they got faster it was a lot scarier. WE were moving very fast when suddenly I woke up. It was just a dream the whole time.