The flashback! By: Michael A Copy

I woke up. It felt like a normal morning. I was very happy it was the weekend. I went downstairs to have breakfast when I just fell. Suddenly, I was having some crazy dream! Was it a dream? No! I was having a flashback! I don’t even remember what the flashback was of! It was something bad that had happened to me before. I was falling off something. It reminded of the time when I fell off the zip line and broke my leg! Suddenly, I finally woke up!That was a crazy flashback! I hope that it never happens again!


The secret door- Josie

One day I was just roaming around my house, then i saw a dark wooden door. I didn’t go in because it had a lock. I just walked away, “I wonder what is behind the door” i said to myself. That night I felt like a little kid, I had a nightmare about that door, so i went to my parents room. Then i saw it, THE KEY! I reached over to grab it and tip-toed to the door. I unlocked the door and.. AND! “Ew, it the worst candy ever.” They were whoppers, in my opinion they are gross.

Karam-100 WC …i wondered what was behind the door…

One bright summer day, I was playing Fortnite with my friends. There was an event in-game today, so we were waiting for it to happen. Then something in the window caught my eye. It was a bright red door. I told my friends I’d be back in a minute, and I went outside. I wondered what was behind that door. I opened it warily, and stepped inside. It led to what looked like the fifth dimension! It was a white world. There was a butterfly made of shattered glass. I looked at it in awe. It sent me back home.

A Mysterious Passage-Gavin

This summer, I lived at my grandparent’s house in South Carolina, which is nearly always horribly hot and sticky because of the wind coming from the Gulf of Mexico. Their house is over a hundred years old, but they moved in around ten years ago, and then promptly renovated it. Yeah, my grandparents are really active. But, let’s get back on topic. So, I walked into their room, which has a fireplace in it, (which is now illegal) and looked up to see a little hatch, above the door to the room. I still wonder what was behind that door.

Ava- 100 word challenge- the dog

I was in my room rocking out to The Greatest Showman music when I heard a weird sound on the door. It was scratching, and jumping. It was crazy! I wondered what was behind the door. I thought about opening it, but I was too scared. I turned off the music, and heard a barking noise. I got very curious and much less nervous. I slowly walked up and opened the door. It was just Daisy the dog that was visiting my house. I laughed then I pet her, and we played for the whole intire day until she left.