Gavin- I Went to a climbing gym.

Last weekend I went to a climbing gym in Milwaukee called “Adventure Rock.” Some of the walls were around 20 feet tall!  The walls were tricky to climb by themselves, but if you wanted an extra challenge, you could do only one color rock, with the colors ranging from a mauve to an orange. Before we started, a climbing teacher tough us how to clip into the alligator clips. There was a few walls that were smaller that I started on. Then I went to a timed wall, where I climbed to the top in thirty-five seconds! It was really fun!


When I had a sick day, I had the craziest hallucination! I saw my teacher running as fast as possible to get away from an alligator eating a mauve sandwich made of some kind of orange mushroom and weeds, which I thought was very questionable. It was chasing her for a very tricky and hard quiz. She tried climbing up the walls, but you can guess what happened. She then tried to get outside, but the door was locked and she couldn’t open it in time. After all that, she finally fell into the very hungry gator’s gaping red maw.

Mohammad-An alligator attacked my teacher

This story is crazy. My teacher was just teaching class, and you’ll never believe what happened. An alligator came in the classroom!I thought they only lived in water. I climbed up onto a table. It was crazy. Just then, a mauve colored bird entered the class. WHAT!? It started pecking everyone. It was tricky to keep it from pecking me. Okay, now a flying donkey is gonna come, I thought. Just then, a flying donkey flies in the room and wrecks everything. Oh my God. It was so crazy, the teacher forgot to give us homework. So I played Fortnite!

Josie-100 word challenge

One day class went on a cool field trip. We went to big, steep, hill that we could climb. When we got there, we put on our gear and started to climb. Our teacher was the first one to the top. It was very tricky to climb. When we got the the top we saw an alligator, but it wasn’t an ordinary alligator. The color of its skin was mauve. It didn’t seem like it saw us though. We walked around the hill for a little bit. That field trip was one of the best ones that I went to.

Angel0 1oo wrd chall3nge

I have one of the weirdest techers ever! She wears a mauve dress and has a pet alligator! She always climbs the tables and yells! I wish I had a different teacher. I think I’m smarter than her but she is a teacher. She always gives us A pluses even when we get it wrong. She always eats pizza and she acts like a 4 year old. I never get in trouble and the kids are so bad! One time a kid started screaming in the middle of a 10 page test and he got an a plus plus plus. The end.