The Old Relic – Brogan

One day a 5th grade class was on a hike when they found a giant cup. They were all  dumbfounded when they saw it. They all started to think it was a joke, but their teacher told them it wasn’t. They looked and found a tag that said, “this can bring you anywhere if you try hard enough,” The kids were all  scared because they didn’t know what it was and what it could do. They went back to their school and the teacher grabbed a shovel. He went back and thought of a time and then he was there.

The GeneX Tea – William

One cold day, a little kid found some tea. He brought it back home, and put it in a tea cup. The tea cup started to grow, until it shot up  into the rainy sky. The tea cup crashed through the ceiling. It landed in the backyard, and then the tea spilled out. Everything grew around the kid, and soon he was so little he could see atoms. There was nothing he could do, but he prevailed. He found other humans, and they eventually found a formula to make everything normal size. Sadly, it didn’t work, so they all died.

The cup in the ground-Arthur

One day there was a boy named Vlack. He was nice, kind, and is weird most of the time, but this kid found something strange in his backyard. It was a huge cup scooping up the ground. He told his mom and dad but they wouldn’t believe him, neither did Zack and Zero believed him. But then Vlack got mad and told them to follow him into his backyard. But once they got there the cup was gone. Zack said “what kind of trick were you tryin to pull on us Vlack?” “Yeah” said Zero. So Vlack went back home and forgot about the cup.

The Strange Site- Carson

There was once a boy who was moving to a new home. He was sad because he was leaving his neighborhood with all his friends in it. His family decided to go and visit their new house, which was almost ready to be moved into. There is a lot of land in their backyard. His mother said that they would be going shopping in 15 minutes. Before they did, the boy went out into the fields and he saw something sticking out of the grass. When he went to it, he found out that it was the home owners coffee mug.

The huge tea cup By Omer

Once there was a giant who loved tea. He never stoped drinking tea. And his friends and family tried to make him stop but it never worked. Then one day his brother came up with an idea to throw his tea cup into a park. But there was one slight problem, the giant always had his tea cup unless he was taking a shower or sleeping. So when the giant was asleep his brother took it and threw it so hard it shattered. And only one half of the cup remained. Now the giant lives without an addiction for tea.