100-Word Challenge Omar

Can we please go to bed, I asked sure turn off the lights and go to bed. Why did you let him go to bed? Make him do his homework, But he seemed exhausted. Well when we get a call by the principle I will be able to tell you I told you so. I herd every single thing they said. They got calls from the principle. Does that effect my report card? I did not do it so it shouldn’t five seconds later they found me and made me do it luckily, I did it all so no call!

Jasmine 100wc but they were exhausted

Once upon a time there was a family that was always up and doing something. But today was different. Today they were exhausted. They couldn’t get up. No one ate because no one wanted to get up and make food. They almost starved if it weren’t for the smallest who just happened to know how to cook. She made everyone lunch and dinner. She didn’t make breakfast because she was taking her nap. After that they always had an alarm clock to wake them up so this will never happen again. They also loved the food the toddler had made.

The Ice Cream Party!!!! (Adyson Kaufman)

One afternoon me and my friends Jenny, Laura, Jack and Destiny decided to go for ice cream after a long day at school. But we were exhausted but that didn’t stop us! Jenny got strawberry, Jack got grape Italian ice, Laura got Blue Moon, and Destiny got smores. Until we saw an old woman who couldn’t afford a $5 ice cream. She really wanted Italian ice, we all saw her struggle, Jenny felt so bad, she pulled out her golden wallet, got up and helped her out, the lady gave Jenny a hug and walked away happily with   yummy Italian ice!

But they were exhausted…… angelo

One day my family and I were going ice skating  but they were exhausted! So, instead  of ice skating we stayed home and watched a movie . We watched all of the home Alone movies . After , when  they weren’t exhausted anymore, wen went shopping. When I go shopping with my family I hate it because they go into stores and don’t even buy anything ! It makes me so triggered! Then we have to go to chipotle because my sister loves chipotle and she wants a bowl . Now when I want to go to a store they were exhausted . Now I’m salty.

Nico- My pet

One day I was feeling confident, so I decided to ask my Mom and Dad for pet dogs. They asked me if I could take care of them with my busy schedule. I promised that I could take care of 2 dogs. So I went to the pet store and got 2 poodles. When I got home, the first thing that I did was play fetch with them for an hour. They seemed to be enjoying it, but they were exhausted, so I fed and gave them some water, then they went right to sleep. I thought, what could I do next?